We are a juice delivery service serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.
All of our juices are cold pressed and made of raw and organic fruits and vegetables and lots of happiness.


Our Mission

Happy Apple Juicery was developed with this simple thought – making healthy accessible. At Happy Apple Juicery we understand that life gets busy but being healthy should still be a priority. With our delivery service you can have a daily dose of health and happiness brought right to your front door!

We strive to help you tap into your full healthy and happy lifestyle potential by bringing you delicious and nutritious juices to complement your daily life.

Our Story

Born and raised in rural South Carolina where she was no stranger to fresh fruits and vegetables as a child, Setarra set her sights on leaving her roots to attend college in Charlotte, NC, and move on to work corporate America there.

Just as her career began to take off, so did Setarra’s acid reflux. After two medical procedures to address her symptoms and a prescription of daily medication, Setarra’s passionate determination led her to take her severe acid reflux and family’s medical history into her own hands with alternative therapies. She discovered alkaline foods and began consuming fresh juices daily. As her acid reflux lessened, Setarra made the connection between the benefits of juicing and a healthy lifestyle as a means to better health.

Desiring to gain a more in depth understanding of how food and health correlates, Setarra obtained her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Armed with an added vigor to learn and achieve more, she focused on mental and spiritual wellbeing by becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Desiring not to be selfish with her newfound knowledge and experience, Setarra wondered how she could encourage others to take their health into their hands. Ironically now Setarra has returned to her connection to the land through starting Happy Apple Juicery, a mobile and delivery raw cold pressed organic sourced juice company. From its inception, Happy Apple Juicery has focused on making the most nutritious and delicious juice you can find in the Charlotte metro area. Whether producing a custom blend for a special event or a large cleanse crew order for a group cleanse, quality and taste are to never be compromised. Setarra’s mission is to create addictions to healthy habits and happiness in Charlotte and beyond.